Why transactivists will fail, like Remain (but may yet succeed like Remain, too)

Author: The Sparrow

I’m UK-based. Politically I'd call myself 'alt-centrist' maybe. I'm a mother, among other things. I’m interested in the political and cultural side-effects of globalisation, the replacement of class politics by identity politics, and the emerging backlash against the regressive left. I was a radical lefty once upon a time, though these days I'm just interested in following arguments wherever they go. I voted Leave, in the interests of positive, engaged globalisation within a democratic framework, though I'm a bit exasperated at how it's going so far. I’m a fan of liberty, free speech, home winemaking and practical feminism.

2 thoughts on “Why transactivists will fail, like Remain (but may yet succeed like Remain, too)”

  1. Very well said! Especially loved this: “Transactivism lives in a tiny woke bubble, reinforced by blocking dissenting views on social media & swarming to vilify, silence & eliminate alternate views.” I, too, think it’s especially important to be talking about this outside of our activist circles. The people with whom I’ve spoken about TRAs versus “TERFs” and the whole radfem witch-hunt predicated on genderist bullshit have, as you mentioned, been on the side of “common sense”; they’re quick to side with radical feminism if not in whole then most certainly about transcult tactics and general ideology because *it makes sense.* So, I am hopeful.


    1. Yeah. The vast majority of people may not be down with the whole PATRIARCHY thing but most will still agree that gender is (at least in part) made up bollocks while biological sex is an actual thing. The more the campaign against self-ID can cut through to reach normal people the less chance there is of it making it into law.

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